Lean Six Sigma Certification

Circle 6-certified belts will be experts at their level of certification and will have practical, hands-on project experience


With the proliferation of online courses and LSS “trainers,” we have seen an uptick in the number of “paper” Green Belts, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts.  A “paper” belt is just that – a belt on paper only.  They may have a command of some of the lingo and be able to produce a certificate, but that’s where their competency stops.

Over the years we have developed a time-tested, rigorous and comprehensive certification (and coaching) program to ensure that a belt earns the title.  You can be confident that a Circle 6-certified belt will be an expert at their level of certification and will have practical, hands-on project experience that can translate to current and future business challenges.


  • Attend 2 weeks training
  • Pass comprehensive final exam
  • Complete 1 DMAIC project or 2 KAIZEN projects


  • Attend 4 weeks training
  • Pass comprehensive final exam
  • Complete either:
    • 2 DMAIC projects
    • 1 DMAIC and 2 KAIZEN projects
    • 4 KAIZEN projects


  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt certification
  • Attend 3 weeks MBB training
  • Pass comprehensive MBB final exam
  • Teach each module in the Circle 6 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program of instruction – a pass/fail analysis including quantified subcomponents will be provided by a Circle 6 MBB
  • Execute one successful, high-impact, enterprise-wide MBB project
  • Coach and Mentor 2 Black Belt candidates through successful project completion and certification

How We Prepare MBB Candidates

Assist in Teaching

To meet the training portion of the certification requirements, candidates will generally assist in teaching two different Black Belt waves (4 weeks each).


Prior to each week of training, the Circle 6 MBB will spend a week with the candidate(s) to cover the next week’s material

  • The candidate will be assigned roughly half of the training modules for any particular week
  • For each module, the candidate will “teach” the Circle 6 MBB the material

Coaching and Mentoring

The Circle 6 MBB will coach and mentor the candidate in the following areas:

  • Content/technical – we prepare the candidates to be able to go several levels deeper than the slide
  • Fielding questions – anticipating common questions and being able to respond appropriately
  • Use and development of examples beyond the slide content
  • Facilitation Skills – presenting, public speaking, command of the classroom, conflict resolution, handling distractions, logistics
  • Continuity – being able to stitch the tools and concepts together to provide a meaningful context for Black Belts
  • Coaching and Mentoring – MBBs are required to coach Black Belts through their projects – we focus on this skill set

During Training Weeks

The Circle 6 MBB:

  • Teaches
  • Coaches the MBB candidate on logistics, material flow, etc.
  • Provides feedback for every module the candidates teach during the week in an “After action report” format so we can build on strengths and work on opportunity areas.  We discuss different/better ways to present concepts and tools and develop an action plan for improving skill sets.
  • Ensures that the technical integrity of the material and purpose of the lessons is upheld – acts as an expert to field questions beyond the capability of the candidates

Enterprise-Wide Project

The Circle 6 MBB will coach and mentor the candidate through their project to ensure success.